The Avicenna School has been registered with Cambridge International as a Cambridge Associate School in Karachi since 1996. We are committed to providing value-based education at every level starting from Playgroup/Montessori (known as the Avicenna Aspirations program) to Junior/Senior and O’ Level at the Avicenna School.

Avicenna develops self-motivation and allows a young mind to discover his/her own potential. We constantly update the curriculum through collaboration with recognized national and international educational institutions. The high quality of our experienced faculty has always been the Avicenna advantage. 


The Preschool program of the Avicenna School is known as ‘Aspirations’. It encapsulates the school’s objective and ambition to create a learning space for young students that is conducive to their academic achievement and also supports their psycho-motor, emotional, linguistic and cognitive development.

Our Aspirations program provides each child the time and attention he/she deserves whilst learning to coexist in a socially diverse environment.

To support the process of hands on learning, develop confidence in the young learners and to enhance their emerging abilities to reach their full potential, we have trained Montessori Directresses who are supported by staff in the respective classroom settings.

The Preschool program caters to the following levels (age brackets quoted below reflect the age group eligible for admission at each stage):

  • Nursery: 2.5 – 2.8 years
  • Prep I: 3.5 – 3.8 years
  • Prep II: 4.5 – 4.8 years

Preschool classes are available at the following two campuses:

  • Tipu Sultan Girls Campus (preschool intake consists of both boys and girls)
  • Clifton Co- education Campus



SESSION 2024 – 2025

Montessori / Junior / Middle SchoolNew Admission
Admission Fee70,000
Full Admission Fee is waived on early admissions till 28th February 2024(70,000)
Total Admission FeeNILL
Security Deposit (Refundable)10,000
Annual Charges9,000
Activity Charges8,000
Initial Reg Fee500
Monthly Fee19,500
Grand Total 47,000
O’ Levels New Admission
Admission Fee70,000
Full Admission Fee is waived on early admissions till 28th February 2024(70,000)
Total Admission FeeNILL
Security Deposit (Refundable)10,000
Annual Charges9,000
Activity Charges9,000
Initial Reg Fee500
Monthly Fee22,500
Grand Total 51,000
  • The tuition fee is payable on monthly basis
  • Fees are not refundable except security deposit
  • The Fee shall be charged for the whole academic year (12 months) irrespective of date of admission
  • The due date of paying tuition fees is 10th of every month
  • Payments can be made via Bank Pay Order / Crossed Cheque drawn in favor of The Avicenna School Private Limited. CASH payments are accepted at Head Office, Tipu Sultan Campus or at any branch of Bank AL Habib Limited.
  • Late payment of Rs. 500 will be charged
  • Security deposit is refundable at the time of leaving the school
  • Fees can be revised on yearly basis

Age appropriate curriculum is designed to cater the needs of each grade level. The core areas worked upon include: Language, Mathematics, Islamiat, General Knowledge and Art. All concepts are taught through indoor and outdoor learning experiences and activities.

From the first day of the program, reading is integrated into the daily classroom routine of young learners by exposing them to books, storytelling sessions and sight reading practices. Each classroom has the appropriate Montessori material to support effective teaching and learning.

The school has developed its own, exclusive learning packs for practice and reinforcement of concepts.

Physical movement and social interaction facilitates learning. Aspirations offers activities which include sports, music classes, taekwondo, pottery and field trips for our students.
Additionally, Aspirations has monthly activities to instill skills and information on themes such as hygiene, healthy eating habits, being polite and respectful, colors and cultures, seasons and other important matters.

All of the above learning objectives are supported by our well-equipped Library, Computer Lab, an Audio Visual Room and the school ground used for out of class engagements.


For Nursery, admissions are based upon interview with parents.

For Prep I and II, students are tested in addition to interview with parents.

Admissions for each new academic year are open from the month of December.  Classes begin in August each year.

You can apply for admissions by visiting the campus you wish to enroll your child in. Alternatively, you can register your child online by clicking at:

Documents Required:

  • Original and photocopy of your child’s birth certificate.
  • One passport size photograph of your child.
  • CNIC of parents
  • School Leaving Certificate (for students applying for Prep I and II)



Clifton (Co-education) Campus
C-118/119, Clifton Block 2
Tel: (9221) 35836095 & 6

Tipu Sultan (Girls) Campus
17- Al Hamra Society, Main Tipu Sultan Road
Tel: (9221) 34554211 & 34557903