The Avicenna School – A’ Level Program for Girls Only (Tipu Sultan Campus)

The Avicenna School is delighted to announce the launch of our exclusive A-level program tailored for young women seeking academic excellence, empowerment and a supporting learning environment. Each subject we embark upon will challenge our intellect, broaden our horizons and will stretch our capabilities.

Focused Learning

Tailored approach addressing the unique strengths and challenges of young girls.


Providing an inclusive space to nurture leadership qualities and confidence.

Community Support

Building a network of like-minded individuals for a supportive academic journey.

In the dynamic setting of all-girls school, vibrant female leaders shine in academics, athletics, arts & community engagement. The young girls learn to discover their voices and to harness and amplify them with contagious energy from get go.

Courses Offered:

A comprehensive curriculum covering various subjects.

  1. Business (9609)
  2. Accounting (9706)
  3. Economics (9708)
  4. Mathematics (9709)
  5. Sociology (9699)
  6. Psychology (9698)
  7. Urdu (9686)
  8. Law (9084)
  9. Art and Design (9479)
  10. Physics (9702)
  11. Chemistry (9701)
  12. Biology (9700)
  13. Computer Science (9618)

Mr. Adil Butt


FFA,FIPA,MBA (Fordham University)(U.S.A)

B.Sc. ,Indiana University (U.S.A)

Mr. Shehzad Chamadia



(Fellow Chartered Accountant)

Mr. Khurram Amanullah


FCA, CFC,CICA,(USA).                                                                      

MCom (University of Karachi)

Ms. Adila khan


MBA -MS University, Baroda [India] BBA –Bhopal University [India]

Mr. Abeel Ahmed



Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

Mr. Muhammad Asad Ali


PhD Finance (SZABIST), MSc. Finance [MAJU]

M.A Economics (Karachi University)

Dr. Farah Naz




Ms. Naheed Malbari


PhD Social Sciences                                                                          

Economics (SZABIST)

Barrister Sana Pirzada


LLB -Kings College London(UK)

LLM-London School of Economics  Bar-at-Law, Lincoln’s Inn (UK)

Ms. Riffat Iqbal


M.Phil. Institute of Clinical Psychology (University of Karachi)

Ms. Sarah Bakhtiyar

Art and Design

B.A. Fine Arts (Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture)

Ms. Kaneez-E-Sayyeda


M.Sc Microbiology | ADE:ELM (Advance Diploma in Educational Leadership & Managment)

Mr. Syed Ateeb Hasan



Mr. Jehanzaib Khan


B.Com (University of Karachi)

Mr. Aly Imran


(B.Sc | B.Pharmacy)

Mr. Muhammad Tayyab Akram


M.Sc Applied Physics with Specialization in Electronics (University of Karachi)

Mr. Zaigham Ali

Computer Science

M.Phil Computer Science-Networking (PAF-KIET) Master in Computer Technology (University of Karachi)

Scholarship Criteria:

Scholarships are open to students who demonstrate excellence in various fields, including sports, skill-based talents, religious studies (such as the Qur’an), and achievements in diverse areas, regardless of their faith or beliefs. These scholarships aim to recognize and support exceptional individuals showcasing their talents, dedication, and commitment in their respective domains, fostering an inclusive environment for all deserving candidates.

The A-level program cultivates a deeper understanding of subjects we are passionate about. This program embodies not just a syllabus it symbolizes a gateway to endless possiblities, intellectual growth and the shaping of our future endeavours. 

We also introduce Community Service Programs by providing different platforms for our students where they can serve humanity and develop strong empathy for others.

Clubs and co-curricular activities

At the A levels,clubs often cater to various interest and help student explore diverse fields.

1.IT Club: It provides hands-on experience in various IT domains like coding, cyber-security, web development, graphic design. It provides networking opportunities where students can connect with like minded peers, mentors and professionals enhancing their network within the IT industry. It offers a platform to apply theoretical knowledge gained in classroom to real world IT projects. It also helps students explore IT careers.

2.Debating Club: Participating in debates enhances critical thinking, public speaking and
argumentative skills. It helps students articulate their thoughts effectively and boosts

3.Sports Club: Being a part of sports team fosters teamwork, discipline and perseverance. It
promotes physical fitness and teaches valuable lessons in leadership and cooperation.

4.Community Service /Volunteering: Engaging in community service cultivates empathy, social
responsibility and a sense of giving back to society.

These co-curricular activities are significant as they provide students with opportunities beyond
academics to develop various skills, interests and values.

Tipu Sultan (Girls) Campus
17- Al Hamra Society, Main Tipu Sultan Road
Tel: (9221) 34554211 & 34557903