Clifton Girls Campus – Grade IV to XI 

The Avicenna School Clifton Campus for Girls offers classes from grades IV to XI. Our school is committed to imparting knowledge and skills in a wholesome and holistic manner. The classes are divided into the following sections.

Primary – Junior   (IV and V)

Secondary – Lower  (VI – VIII)

Secondary Senior – O’ Level (IX – X- XI)

Effective teaching and learning can only happen through hands-on experiences. To provide such experiences, we encourage our students to learn by doing and implement different age appropriate pedagogical strategies. Also, to transfer our values to the next generation, Value Based Education is infused in our curriculum for all grades.

Co-curricular activities in our school are geared towards promoting mental and physical well-being.  Therefore, in addition to our excellent academics, we arrange multiple co – curricular activities on a regular basis for all grades.

In the senior grades we inculcate the importance of community service programs by providing different platforms for our girls where they can serve the community.

All students take English, Urdu, Mathematics, Art, History, Computer Science, Geography, Science, Islamiat and Physical Education till grade VIII.

In Class IX, Pakistan Studies, Urdu and Islamiat/Religious Studies are added as two year courses. At the end of Class IX, in addition to the six compulsory subjects for O’ Level, students choose four or more optional subjects for the two-year O’ Level Program.

Compulsory Subjects

English LanguageIslamiatMathematics
Pakistan StudiesUrduEnglish Literature

Optional Subjects

Principles of AccountingBusiness StudiesEconomics
SociologyAdditional Mathematics 

Remedial Classes
Remedial classes are held on a regular basis at the school to provide additional reinforcement to students that may need help in certain subjects. The Avicenna school has a carefully designed program to enable students to excel in UCLES exam

Rafia Azmat Khan, Principal

A seasoned educationist and a distinguished leader, Ms. Rafia Azmat Khan has two decades of experience in the education industry. Prior to joining ‘The Avicenna School System’, she worked as Head of Girls’ Section, Head of Department Computer Science, mentor and career counselor for O’Level students at various reputable schools.
She has served as a Judge at the ‘World Robotic Olympiad’ (WRO) and as a Core Values Judge at the ‘FIRST Lego League’ (FLL) National Competitions.
 Ms. Rafia’s major interest lies in educating the teacher capital to become role models for their apprentices and elevate them into exemplary teachers through Continuous Professional Development (CPD). 
She has a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management which has helped bring the latest, innovative, and dynamic pedagogical skills to the school. 

Contact: 033-2267-2267