Parents/Students Information

The school academic year is divided into two terms.

First Term : May to December
Second Term : January to May

Exact dates for the commencement to conclusion of the term vary from year to year and parents are informed accordingly. The school office may be contacted for further information.

The Avicenna School has a five day working week, Monday to Friday, with a two day weekend. School timings are expected to be strictly adhered to and followed accordingly. School timings vary slightly from one school to another, depending on local requirements. They also change twice in a year (summer and winter) to meet seasonal conditions.

In addition to weekends and gazetted holidays, the school has two major breaks during the year: one in summer and one in winter. The duration of these depend on the local conditions.

School uniforms are throughout the Avicenna School is the same at any given campus. We provide a list of suppliers who know the local requirements, but if a parent wishes to make use of their own tailor, this is acceptable provided that the colours and design are the same as those available with the listed suppliers.

Admission and Registration

The admission procedure begins with registration, which in itself does not guarantee admission. Dates for registration are announced individually by each school. A registration fee is charged to cover clerical and administrative costs and, on payment of this fee, the school office issues a receipt and a registration form for completion by the parent or guardian. The Avicenna School prospectus is also provided.

Registration will usually be done if it is thought probable that a vacancy may exist in the appropriate class at the expected time of admission. The school reserves the right to accept or refuse admission without assigning a reason

Normal ages of pupils at the time of admission
Play group 18 months of age
Lower Nursery 2 Years
Upper Nursery 3 Years
Grade 1 5 Years
Grade II 6 Years
Grade III 7 Years
Grade IV 8 Years
Grade V 9 Years
Grade VI 10 Years
Grade VII 11 Years
Grade VIII 12 Years
Grade IX 13 Years
Grade X 14 Years
XI / 0 Level 15 Years
A Level first year 16 Years


Admission tests and interviews are normally held in January/February of each year. Admissions are confirmed latest by April to successful candidates who are required to join the school in the following August or September. Parents of successful candidates will be asked to call at the school office to collect the first fee ‘voucher’ form. The first fee ‘voucher’ form will include charges for a security deposit (refundable at the time of withdrawal only), admission fees, two months’ tuition fees and any other incidental charges. Methods of payment will be explained by the school office. When this procedure is complete the child’s name will be entered in the admission register and the child may join their class.

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