Scholarships and Fees

The Avicenna School offers a scholarship scheme that covers a number of circumstances based on merit and means. Each school is allocated a certain number of scholarships to be given annually, therefore the decision of the school in the awarding of scholarships is final. Further information can be obtained from the school office… The school reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship scheme at any time and/or amend the rules governing the scholarship scheme at its sole discretion.

There are variations in the fee structure at different schools within the system. Information can be obtained from the branch of your choice.

School fees and other charges shall be paid every two months in advance, through a local bank. This is payable for all twelve calendar months. The school has the discretion to review and increase the school fees and all other fees, charges and deposits ancillary thereto, without prior written notice. The school reserves the right to grant Concessions in the case of two or more siblings attending the school.

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