Introduction A’ Levels (Tipu Sultan Girls Campus)

The Avicenna School, girls’campus started in August 2002 with Intermediate, A’ Levels & CAT classes. In 2005, CAMS Girls College attained the status of a degree college by offering classes for B.Com in affiliation with the University of Karachi. Understanding the need of parents and students who prefer an all-girls environment, CAMS Girls College provides an opportunity for girls to pursue a variety of educational qualifications in an all-girls environment at a central location accessible from all corners of Karachi. CAMS Girls College shall offer ACCA classes with effect from Jan 2011.

Farhat Masood, Principal A’ Levels
Prof.Farhat Masood has done M.Sc in Chemistry from University of Sindh. She started her career as a lecturer of chemistry in St. Lawrence Government College and retired from the same college as its principal. She served as the principal of Lawrence Government College for 13 Year.

Prof. Masood, as a permanent member of the Chemistry Society of Pakistan, has organized various workshops, science exhibitions and seminars of chemistry in different colleges and universities. She has also attended training courses at NIPA and workshops in educational planning for principals.

Avicenna A’Levels

Avicenna A’Levels prepares students for Advanced Level exams of UCLES in a broad range of 17 subjects coverirrg three areas of further study: science, commerce and liberal arts.

Subjects Offered for A’Levels

Accounting Economics Art Design Sociology
Biology English General Graphic Designing Urdu
Business Studies Physics Law
Chemistry Mathematics Psychology

All students are required to take a minimum of three subjects in addition to the General Paper which is mandatory. General paper is taught to broaden students’ horizon in A-Level studies. Students are required to choose a minimum of three optional subjects from the 5 groups given below.Only one subject may be selected from each group. Some flexibility in the choice of subjects may be allowed on the recommendation of the academic counselor.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
Physics Biology Chemistry Maths Psychology
Sociology Art Design Economics Urdu Economics
Accounts Accounts Accounts Business Management Urdu
Business Management Law Psychology Law
Graphic Designing

Admission Requirements for Montessori to A’ Levels

Parents desiring admissions for their children are requested to meet the Principal with the following documents:
  1. A Photo Copy of Birth Certificate
  2. School Leaving Certificate and last report card of previous School
  3. 3 recent coloured passport size photographs
  4. Test of the student in English, Urdu and Math
  5. Interview of student with Parents by the Principal

Admission Requirements for A’Levels

Students can collect an admission package from any campus of Avicenna School or download

Completed admission form with required documents mentioned on the form can be mailed or dropped at any campus of Avicenna School.

Students shall be informed of the admission decision of the admissions Committee within 15 working days of the submission of the completed form.

For further information and queries, please contact:

Mrs Farhat Masood (Principal A’ levels)
17 Al-Hamra CHS, Main Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi
Tel: 34537414 / 34537782

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