Introduction O’ Levels (Tipu Sultan Girls Campus)

The Avicenna School, girls’campus started in August 2002 with Intermediate, A’ Levels & CAT classes. In 2005, CAMS Girls College attained the status of a degree college by offering classes for B.Com in affiliation with the University of Karachi. Understanding the need of parents and students who prefer an all-girls environment, CAMS Girls College provides an opportunity for girls to pursue a variety of educational qualifications in an all-girls environment at a central location accessible from all corners of Karachi. CAMS Girls College shall offer ACCA classes with effect from Jan 2011.

Ms Mehreen Ali, Principal O’ Levels

Ms. Mehreen Ali has been associated with a number of leading educational institutes before joining The Avicenna School System. Prior to taking over as the Principal of The Avicenna School, O’ Levels for girls, Tipu Sultan campus, she headed the O’ level section at The Avicenna School for Boys & Girls, Clifton campus. As the Principal of Tipu Sultan Girls’ campus, she also over sees Avicenna Aspirations (Pre School) and the Junior school section housed in the same campus.

She brings with her eleven years’ experience of teaching English Language and Literature to O’ & A’ Levels.

She has an MA in English Literature in the First class First Position from University of Karachi. Moreover, she has been conducting workshops for teacher training and development during the course of her career. For professional self enhancement, she has been attending various sessions herself also and has been an active participant in the seminars organized by the ‘Shakespearian Association of Pakistan’.

The Avicenna School

In June 1996, College of Accounting & Management Sciences (CAMS), sponsored The Avicenna School for 0 & A’Levels. Registered as an external school with the Univers:7.

of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES), UK, Avicenna 0 &A’Levels program was built on the foundation of offering a unique blend of tertiary level education in a professional and career oriented environment, grooming students to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. The Avicenna School, today offers classes from Montessori to A’Levels.

Avicenna Aspirations (Montessori)

Avicenna Aspirations follows the Montessori system and admits students as young as 18 months old. The Montessori system of pre-primary education was founded by Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator, and is based on the philosophy of “Learning by Discovery.”

The Montessori method involves an environment designed to stimulate the child’s interest and facilitate the child’s understanding and learning capacity. Key aspects of the Montessori Approach include the Prepared Environment and the role of the Montessori Teacher.

Avicenna Juniors

In August 1999, Avicenna commenced classes from nursery to grade 8, to meet the needs of a growing interest in Avicenna School.

Avicenna O’Levels

Avicenna O’Levels includes grades 9, 10 & 11 and follows the curriculum prescribed by the University of Cambridge. This has done mainly to cater to the students promoted from grade 8 of Avicenna Juniors. Outside admission in these classes is generally for a few seats and is highly competitive.

Avicenna Achievements

Avicennians have received “High Achievers” awards by the University of Cambridge for their academic performance in various subjects. Most graduating students proceed for higher studies to universities and colleges in Pakistan and abroad.


The Avicenna School is registered with the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) UK, Center Number PK 519 as an external school.

Subjects Offered for O’ Level

Compulsory subjects Optional
Urdu Physics Economics
English Chemistry Business Studies
English Literature Add Maths Accounting
Pakistan Studies (optional for foreigners) Biology
Islamic Studies (optional for foreigners) Computer Studies

Admission Requirements for Montessori to O’ Levels

Parents desiring admissions for their children are requested to meet the Principal with the following documents:
  1. A Photo Copy of Birth Certificate
  2. School Leaving Certificate and last report card of previous School
  3. 3 recent coloured passport size photographs
  4. Test of the student in English, Urdu and Math
  5. Interview of student with Parents by the Principal

For further information and queries, please contact:

Ms Mehreen Ali (Principal O’ Levels)
17 Al-Hamra CHS, Main Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi
Tel: 34537414 / 34537782

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