Grade I to VIII (Tipu Sultan Girls Campus)

The Avicenna junior section offers classes from grades I to VIII at three locations. These include a co-ed campus in Clifton and 2 campuses for girls at Tipu Sultan road and at Clifton. However, at Tipu Sultan campus classes from grade I to V are for both boys and girls.

Junior Curriculum

Same curriculum is followed at all campuses from grade I to VIII. At the end of Class VI, the students are offered the following program.

Senior Curriculum

Program of Studies (Part A)
Developing the Young Horizon

In class 7 and 8, all students take English, Urdu, Mathematics, Art, History, Computer Studies, Geography, Science, Islamiyat, and Physical Education and choose from a variety of learning modules.

In Class 9, Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat / Religious Studies are added as a two year course. At the end of Class 9, in addition to the six compulsory subjects for O-Level, students choose four or more optional subjects for the two year O- Level Program.

Compulsory Subjects

  • English Language
  • Islamiyat or Religious Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Urdu
  • English Literature

Optional Subjects
Students choose one subject each from blocks A, B,C, and D

Accounts Biology Chemistry Chemistry
Physics Sociology Business Studies Additional Mathematics
Art & Design Economics World History

Remedial Classes

Remedial classes are held on a regular basis in the school to provide additional reinforcements to students that may be weak in certain subjects. The Avicenna school has a carefully designed program to enable students to excel in UCLES exam
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