Q. When was the Avicenna School established?
A. The Avicenna School was established in 1996.

Q. What level does education at the Avicenna School begin at?
A. Our youngest students are 1.8 years old and start in the Kindergarten Section.

Q. When do your students graduate?
A. Our students graduate in the eleventh grade.

Q. What qualification do your students graduate with?
A. Our students receive the final transcript, for successfully completing their O’Levels from the University of Cambridge International Examinations.

Q. How many students do you have in your school?
A. We currently have about 300 students in our school.

Q. Which authority is your school licensed or recognized by?
A. Our school is registered with the University of Cambridge, Registration Number PK-519,

Q. What do your students typically do after they graduate from the Avicenna School?
A. Most students go on to continue and complete their A’levels in the senior college section or other top A’level schools in Karachi. Some do their A’levels from England. Almost all our graduates go on to college or university in England, Canada, the USA or Australia. A few do their higher education at the best colleges or universities in Pakistan.

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