It is the aim of the Avicenna School to provide well-stocked libraries in all schools and there is an ongoing comprehensive programme of library expansion. Most of the Avicenna schools now have a wide range of excellent books and magazines available for students to read and borrow. We are planning to make CD-ROMs available in libraries as an additional resource. In due course of time, access to libraries around the world will also be made available through the Internet. This, we hope, will fa


We firmly believe that the best way for students to grasp scientific principles is through experiential learning. All Avicenna Schools offering Physics, Chemistry and Biology, therefore, have properly equipped laboratories to prepare students in these subjects. As part of the Science curriculum, essential science equipment has been made available for students as young as those in classes I and II to encourage young minds to explore and understand the basic principles of Science. cilitate research work by students and teachers alike.

Computer and other IT facilities

State-of-the-art computer laboratories have been set up in almost all Avicenna schools. The computers in schools are upgraded from time to time to keep abreast with the latest developments in information technology. Besides those in computer labs, computers have also been installed in separate resource rooms and in the libraries for research work by both students and teachers. Every Avicenna School has access to the internet.

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