Co- Curricular Activities

Field Trips:

Starting from the Nursery school, students go on at least two field trips in an academic calendar. We feel field trips, or experiences outside the school environment are an integral part of our students’ development. These excursions are usually linked to the curriculum.


Students at-Avicenna are first exposed to being on stage in the Nursery school. All students from Nursery to Class VI take part in their class presentation. Students from Class VII onwards take part in Drama as an after school activity and jointly put up a stage production

Student Council:

From Grade IX onwards, each class elects two representatives to the student council. These students organize class activities including bake sales and social events like the Mar party, Bonfire Night,

Besides developing their leadership skills, student representatives from Class IX onwards also play the role of prefects and help school discipline, act as ushers during parent conferences, and represent the school in numerous other functions.

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